Impact Story

Calista found a place where she could learn, have fun and build bonds to last a lifetime


“When I first heard about Girls Inc., I thought this is just another after school program. It turns out that I found a place that I can learn, have fun and build bonds to last a lifetime.”

Calista joined Girls Inc. of Bay County the summer of entering 3rd grade. Calista was excited to be attending an after-school program with her sister. Sadly, due to her sister suddenly moving away Calista was forced to make new friends. To her astonishment, she found friends and one friend from a previous childcare center. Some earlier memories include engagements in the NASA Program participating in an Egg Drop Challenge where Calista’s group engineered the perfect contraption to protect an egg while it was dropped.

“Over the years I’ve watched the staff work so hard to make sure we mature well. They make sure programs are fun and interesting.”

“Girls Inc. gave me a place to relax and meet other girls and create bonds, and friendships that I wouldn’t have had the chance to make. Girls Inc. is shaping me into the amazing woman I will be one day. I’ve gained confidence and knowledge over these 7 years and I am grateful for my experience.”

Calista plans to continue to attend and become a mentor and advocate for the younger girls.

Calista is currently a freshman in high school.  Her love of music and Girls Inc. inspired her to want to learn how to tune the old piano collecting dust in the corner of the Center’s multipurpose room.  After completing a great deal of research, and watching many YouTube videos, she convinced the Girls Inc. program director to purchase the tools needed so she could tune the old piano. Calista is eager about the future and plans to attend college to study music and arts in hopes of becoming a Music teacher.