Impact Story

Alumna Spotlight: Brianna Clayton


Brianna Clayton had never attended any kind of care program so she wasn’t sure what to expect the first time she walked into a Girls Inc. center.  The small gym felt more like an international airport to a young Brianna.  It didn’t take long for Brianna to understand what made the Girls Inc. Experience unlike any other.  She knew that Girls Inc. was a place where she would always be safe.

When Brianna was named “Girl of the Year” in second grade, she felt that there was no higher honor.   The classes and programs that Brianna participated in at Girls Inc. taught her to appreciate the diversity of the people around her.  She learned how to set goals in order to achieve her dreams, and how to change those goals when life inevitably veers from the plan.

The Girls Inc. staff became a reliable sounding board for Brianna as she says “they were the diary I didn’t have to write in.”  As Brianna has grown, her Girls Inc. family has remained a support system that helped her navigate through nursing school as she became an LPN, and again while she pursued her RN, and most recently when she obtained her Bachelor’s in Nursing.  Brianna is currently managing a large medical practice and has plans to join the Air Force.  She credits her success to the Girls Inc. Experience and still returns to her center to give back and help a new generation of girls achieve their dreams.

“Because of Girls Inc., I have been strong enough to break cycles and statistics, smart enough to excel within my career field, and bold enough to look fear in the face and conquer my dreams.”